Meteor 2Edit

Meteor 2 is a third peson shooter in the same fashion of the other games on this wiki. It was released in 2004 and features an overhauled game engine.

Single Player ModeEdit

The single player begins with you being snatched from vacation and thrust into combat. There is a total of 45 maps in the standard game, containing 13 missions.

Mission ListEdit

  1. Swallow Lake
  2. Beachhead
  3. Base Alpha
  4. Foxtrot
  5. Land of Time
  6. Getting Inside
  7. Epsilon
  8. Sea Battle
  9. Nuclear Plant
  10. The Arctic
  11. Death Valley
  12. Orion Facility
  13. The Last Stand


The entire campaign is playable in cooperative multiplayer. There are also 17 deathmatch style head-to-head maps.

Engine Changes/AdditionsEdit

The two biggest changes in the engine are the use of sectors and the additon of a scripting system.

Skill levelsEdit


Meteor 2.

Unlike Meteor, Meteor 2 has difficulty levels. The skill levels are:

  • Very Easy
  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard
  • Very Hard

Each level modifies the range of an opposing AI. At very easy, they have about the same range as they did in Meteor 1. At very hard, they have the maximum range of their weapon in their engagement envelope. Thes can cause AI to fire at you even though they may be more than five screen lengths away, so long as they are activated by bringing them within your sight range.

Making ModsEdit

Meteor 2 contains modding tools just like its prequal. All the tools needed to create a mod are built in with the exception of image and sound editors. Images can be altered from png to bnx, this can be done using photoshop, this is how to create custom sprites.(there is a required translusent color, a sorta purple color, to find out, just go into meator2/base/graphics, then copy and change to png, open with paint and you have to your color)


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