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Meteor is a top down military shooter for Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/x64 supporting single player, cooperative and head to head game modes over a LAN or across the Internet. The game is programed using a custom engine in the Allegro library.

Version History
Version Number Release Date Major Changes
??? 6 April 1999 First public beta
0.6R and 0.61R 27 June 1999 Bugfix
0.62R 30 June 1999 Bugfix
0.621R 1 July 1999 Bugfix
0.63R 17 May 2000 Bugfix, Feature addition
0.63R (release 2) 4 October 2000

Refinement, Bugfixes, Instant hit projectiles

1.0 4 Februrary 2001 Full version release
1.1 Test 1 11 July 2001
  • Win32 Direct X Support
  • Pigs
  • Total Conversion Modding Support
  • Music and Sound Additions
  • Bugfixes
  • Additional Features
1.1 Test 2 24 July 2001 Speed and Stability Increased
1.1.3 12 October 2003 Bugfix
1.2 9 February 2004
  • 16 bit graphics
  • Client Side Servers with support for up to 64 players
  • Head to Head mode
  • Cooperative Mode
  • Base Delta map added
  • Laser Chaingun added
  • Better Stability
1.3 5 September 2005
  • UDP based networking for faster multiplayer
  • Light Sourcing
  • Mouseover Info
  • Quick Saving
  • Particle Effects
1.3.1 5 September 2005 Current Version

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Level editor.

Meteor features integrated modding support including tools to create tiles, sprites, weapons, races (NPCs), maps, projectiles, players, and maplists. An external program is needed to create art, though a simple program like Microsoft Paint will do. Likewise, sound and music must be imported from elsewhere.

Offical Modding Documentation


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Meteormods Database

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Moddb Profile Page

Dosgames Link (1.0 only)

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