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Meteor is a game series created by James Bunting. They are 2D third person shooters, played from a top-down perspective. The games follow the adventures of Dave Ash, an anti-terrorism specialist in a battle against terrorists who want to gain control over the world.

The series currently consists of two parts, and a third one is in development.


Meteor 1 (1999)[]

Meteor is a look down military shooter for Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/x64 supporting single player, cooperative and head to head game modes over a LAN or across the Internet.

Sergeant Ash's first mission; the story is about the "Meteor Defense System" (or: "MDS"), an orbital ion cannon that was, as its creators claim, built to defend the Earth from strikes of meteors and other large space objects. However, this is a cover-up. It was actually built by terrorists to take out ground targets (for example, it could destroy any major city) in an attempt to gain control over the world. However, Ash manages to kick their ass, take out every terrorist on the MDS, and disarm it with the press of a big button. Yay!

Meteor 2 (2004)[]

Meteor 2 is the long awaited successor to Meteor.

Some years after the events of Meteor 1, Ash (now promoted to Colonel) is called back to the anti-terrorist organization he works for. General Hawkins suspects they have a spy, who transmits locations of secret outposts and other data to the terrorists. As Ash figures out who is behind it, he finds that the terrorists are directly attacking the anti-terrorist organization, so they would succeed in their new "Larmog" project. Larmog is a new space cannon; some sort of bigger, upgraded version of the Meteor Defense System. Ash eventually manages to take out the brain behind the terrorist attack, and ultimately destroy Larmog using the old MDS.

Meteor: Elements[]

Meteor: Elements is an apparently abandoned project which would have been a new part in the Meteor series; this time using a 3D engine. There were some screenshots and tech demo videos, but eventually, James Bunting announced that the new Meteor game will be called Meteor 3 and it will be in 2D.

Meteor 3[]

The upcoming new game in the Meteor series. Not much is known about it yet; no screenshots or videos of it have been published so far. It is nevertheless a very long awaited game, and it's in development for about 7 years now. Many people have therefor jokingly called it Meteor: Forever.