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Dave Ash is the protagonist of the Meteor series. He is the hero of the games who manages to pretty much singlehandly take out complete terrorist armies, disarm the MDS, and destroy the Larmog. And a lot of other really kickass things.


Imagine like, a mix of Doomguy, Duke Nukem, Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Liquid Snake, and give him a green uniform and big minigun. Well, that's Ash. Why he didn't get all the ladies yet, I have no idea. Maybe he's just too busy kicking epic ass.

His hobbies and interests are fishing, golf, guns, his wife and kids, and mass murdering people who wear red or grey clothes.

He can take on entire armies all by himself. His teammates are basically just there to stand in his way (or, in case he needs some extra ammo). He's truly a one-man army. If you ever see a terrorist who is threatening you or taking you as a hostage, just shout "AAAAAAAAASH!", and he'll shit his pants and run away in agony.

His story[]

Not much is known about the past of Ash. All that's known, is that he was trained as a soldier in Africa, and that he is now part of an anti-terrorist organization, the "Good Guys", an army of men dressed in green uniforms.

His mission and life philosophy: "If it's not green (or a sheep!), then don't kill it."

Although, I'm pretty sure he meant that the other way around. Anyway, without Ash, all the other Good Guys would just like, randomly walk around a bit, like there's nothing going on, and when they coincidentally come across a terrorist, they'll say "derp look a terrorist", attack him, and then there is a 50% chance he survives. And there would CERTAINLY be nobody to take out the MDS and all. Jesus no. So yeah, Ash is a pretty important person.


  • It has been rumoured that Ash has an invisible truck driving behind him all the time, to carry all his weapons.
  • Ash can run at 30mph.
  • Ash can reload all of his weapons at the same time.
  • Meteor is a pretty cool guy. eh kills terorists and doesn't afraid of anything.
  • Ash uses a special combat tactic, which involves taking cover behind farm animals.